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Seven devoted Masons met on April 13, 1863 and petitioned the Grand Lodge of England for opening "The Bangalore Military Lodge" to "Lodge Bangalore". The Grand Lodge issued the warrant on December 9, 1864 which they received on March 18, 1865. The Founder Master and all Founder members belonged to the Army. It is not known where the lodge met before April 3, 1865, when the meeting place was ‘changed’ to Victoria Hotel.

The Lodge was consecrated on August 22, 1868 by the D.G.M. Madras. It used to meet on First Saturday each month; but there were a large number of Emergency meetings, of long durations, with the intervals of 15 to 20 minutes refreshment. Frequently more than two candidates were taken up on one day. Non-resident membership was introduced from 1869. The same year Tracing Boards were hung and a Standing Committee was appointed to inquire into the suitability, character etc. of "Natives" for admission; the design of the Lodge Banner was approved and a Lodge of Instruction was started. The Lodge premises was shifted to No. 14, Residency Road in July 13, 1872.

Bro. Vijendra Rao, Assistant Commissioner, Government of Mysore was the first Indian to be initiated in this Lodge on August 23, 1865. Bro. V. Krishnaswamy Mudalier was the first Indian to hold a regular office as Jr. Deacon. S.V. Ramaswamy Iyengar was the first Indian to be installed as Wor. Master in 1900 and Bro. Singara Veloo Mudaliar, was the first Indian appointed as Secretary during the same year.

The minutes of every meeting held right from 1863 to date (except from January 1877 to November 1882) have been carefully preserved in 16 Bound volumes. A large number of portraits adorn the walls of the Masonic Building. The Lodge celebrated its Centenary in 1963. The Centenary Souvenir is a remarkable document of historical value and has reproduced a large number of photographs although some of the pictures do not bear the name and could not be identified.

In 1961 when the option to join the Grand Lodge of India was announced, Lodge Bangalore opted to join the G.L. of India as a Founder Member and was granted the No. 15 on their Roll. The Lodge has always contributed generously to all Masonic charitable institutions in India and England, supported all laudable causes and helped widows and children of deceased Brethren. It is a front ranking Lodge in the whole of India both in its manner and methods of Working, Ritual, membership and comradeship amongst its members. A library was founded in 1923, which is now used by members of all the eight Lodges in Bangalore. They all pay a monthly subscription for its maintenance and purchase of new books.

My father served as the Wor. Master of this illustrious Lodge in 1978. I am indeed one of those proud Masons to be Initiated, Passed and Raised in Lodge Bangalore. The Lodge meets every 2nd Tuesday at its own premises on Primrose Road, Bangalore 560025, India.


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