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The © Logo used by The Int'l Guild of Masonic Webm@sters, the Golden Square & Compasses  with the blue "G" in the center,
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India Chapter Membership Roster 
  Bro. Jay Joshi President, India Chapter: Site 1 2  
  Appointed Webm@ster Grand Lodge of India., Appointed IGMW Executive Council Member. 
 Vice President, India Chapter
Fellows & Members
M.W.Bro. Gautam R. Divan Member Webm@ster  

Bro. Vishal Mehra Member Webm@ster  

Bro. Abhay Panth Member Webm@ster. Site 2 

W. Bro. V.G.Joshi Member Webm@ster  

V. W. Bro. Arun Chintopanth  Member Webm@ster 

R. W. Bro. S. Chintopanth  Member Webm@ster  

W.Bro. P.G.Kulkarni   Member Webm@ster  

W.Bro. Vinod Puri   Member Webm@ster  

W.Bro. Neol Joseph  Member Webm@ster  

W.Bro. B.A.Anantharam  Member Webm@ster  

Bro. Anusham Anantharam  Member Webm@ster  

Bro. Prakash.Ramaraj   Member Webm@ster 

W.Bro. A.Ramaraj Member Webm@ster 

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To Join the India Chapter please e mail Bro. Jay Joshi who is the President of the India Chapter & Webm@ster of this Directory.
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